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Decrease in fetal movement? Worried. =(

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I'll be exactly 40 weeks in 3 days and my baby hasn't been as active as she usually is. I'm worried that there might be something wrong, but when I go to the hospital and they hook me up to the monitor, her heartbeat is normal and the nurse says she's fine. Is it normal for a baby to slow down alot when you're close to giving birth? I've heard so many answers and I don't know if I should really really be worried or is it's normal.

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Mine 2nd son slowed down a lot when I was that far along.  There's not a lot of room left, they are resting and saving up energy for the big trip out into the world.  If you've been checked and the heartbeat is normal, then I really think your baby is just preparing to come into the world and I wouldn't stress about it.  You are probably really close, so take a cue from your kiddo and relax and get some rest.  You're gonna need it.  :)  Good luck!
Lissiemel said it best.  :)  Babies tend to slow down closer to birth because there is less room.  Don't worry about it, especially that you had her heartbeat checked.

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