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Dental surgery

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I have a tooth that has just started to bother me during my pregnancy. I'm only 7 weeks. However, I'm afraid that if I allow the dentist to do something, the medicine can cause a miscarriage. But, at the same time, if I don't do anything, the bacteria could cause a deadly infection. Any advice on what to do? I will contact my dentist today. But, I wanted to know if anyone else had this problem.

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I had a similar issue, i needed a cavity filled and my dentist recommended waiting until my second trimester just to be on the safe side.Most dentist do have anesthetic they can use that wont cause any negative side effects to your baby. In the mean time all you can really do is take some tylenol to help with the pain. Call your OBGYN because there might be other medicine you can take, but tylenol is the only one i'm aware of.
I have had work done on my teeth with this pregnancy also.  I do know that local anesthesia is usually fine to use but no gas or anything.  If you think you have an infection you should get antibiotics (which will also help with the pain) otherwise just make sure you still brush regulary to keep the bacteria to a minimum.  I think most dentists like to wait until the second trimester to work on teeth just in case they need to take x-rays--either way, if they and your doctor think it is serious enough, it will be taken care of.  Don't worry Mama--it will be okay! 
Thanks, Ladies! I had the procedure done on last Friday and everything's fine with me and my baby. They wanted to wait but I couldn't eat. I just used extra shields to protect my baby from the x-rays. All is well. Thanks!!!

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