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determining gender?

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How far along were you when your doctor told you boy or girl? I really want to find out before christmas, but I will be in the 14th 15th week range. Is it possible? If so how? 4D Ultrasound? How much? etc.. Thankyou :)

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The earlyest is 4 months other then that i doubt the 4d ultrasound works on that for now! COngrats! :)
I was told by both of my drs.. one for the first pregnancy and the new dr for this one.. that the best time to figure out what you are having is between 18-21 weeks. I was told that they may be able to tell sooner but its not always accurate. I would say just try to be patient and you will have something to look forward to in January =) congrats on the baby by the way!!
I was 19 weeks when I found out. As far as getting a 4D now, I would say to wait until you are in your 3rd trimester. I just got mine done and it's a wonderful experience. Prices vary depending on the package you want.
20 weeks for me.  We did a normal ultrasound.
18 weeks with my first, 19 weeks with my second and 20 weeks with my third.  11 weeks is very early to find out.  Most doctors won't do your ultrasound between 14 and 15 weeks, because they like to do the gender test while doing the gestiational measurement of the baby to make sure the baby is growing and all of it's organs are developing as they should (and they do that between 18 and 20 weeks).  That's actually the purpose for the ultrasound at that point.  Mine wouldn't even read the gender we had to ask for them to do it, since it doesn't have much to do with your baby's development.   We had a 3d ultrasound done with our first when we were right at 28 weeks.  It was pretty expensive and in my opinion not worth the money.  I haven't seen any of the pictures from those appointments that come out like the catalog pictures.  I was really disappointed that we wasted that much money that could have gone for clothes or diapers on something so silly that I didn't even want to hang in my house.  Think long and hard and talk to soem friends that have had it done for a real opinion.
Thankyou! lohl only reason I want to know before christmas is because my family and my fiances family said were getting baby stuff only so they needed to know. Guess christmas will be delayed. Hah and i will trust you on the "its not worth the money". I need that for diapers and such anyways :))

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