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When I was pregnant with my second baby I got gestational diabetes really bad. I didn't have it with my first or third pregnancies which I thought was strange. I only had it with my one little boy. Now I'm pregnant again and I was wondering if anybody knows how early it starts? I really felt just like I did the last time before I found out today only not as strongly. I'm really worried because I'm all ready having a really hard time eating and I feel awful all the time. Any advice or experiencies?

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gestational diabeties comes at all differant times during pregnancy but usually later (2nd trimester i belive) than sooner. just regulating your diet and keeping a balance and excercise should keep things in order. walk around when u can dont eat abunch of crap and keep the doctor informed of your symptoms so that if he feels the need he can do the sugar test early to make sure everything is ok

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