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Diabetes Testingg!?!

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I'll be 24 weeks, next week when im scheduled to go in for a "Diabetes testing" at my doctors office. My doctor told me that I wouldnt be able to eat anything after midnight the night before, or anything the morning of the testing. & I'm just unaware of what its like. Mommies who've done this before: just give me a rundown, I hate giving blood and i hate needles. So tell me what it'll be like....??

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It is actually more acurate if they do the test at 28 weeks. You go in and they draw your blood and give you this really sweet drink to drink. You wait an hour and they draw your blood again. I had 2 of the one hour tests and a 3 hour test with my son before they determined I had gestational diabetes. It's not as bad as you think it will be so try not to worry. Good luck. :)
The worst part is not being able to eat (my OB told me to even avoid gum), but hopefully you scheduled your appt early enough that it won't be too bad. When you arrive at your appt they will give you a drink (mine tested like super concentrated Sunkist); after you drink it you wait and hour and they draw your blood. If you fail they will make you come back for the 3 hr test...I have heard of people getting very nauseous with the second test. It's really not bad at all.
I just had mine today actually and I am 27 1/2 weeks.. it is a very very sugary drink that is kinda like a flat sunkist and you drink it then wait an hour and they draw blood.. I have trouble drinking anything with lots of sugar so the worst part for me was having to drink it lol.. not as bad as you would think though.. dont worry too much about it
when I went in for mine, I could eat and drink whatever I wanted the night and morning before.I went in, and they gave me a sugary orange drink That I had to drink within 5 minutes. (it isnt a lot to drink..and I found it tasting pretttty good!)after that, I had to sit around for an hour doing nothing. they told me they didnt want me to eat or drink anything else for that hour, and that I could pee if I had to. they also told me that some women get sick when they drink the sugary drink,and if I vomit,to let them know. (I didnt vomit,and I felt completley fine the whole time)then after an hour of sitting and reading every magazine in the waiting room, they took me into a room and took my blood (something all pregnant women are used to by this time!)after that, I was free to go home!hope this helps!
The test is really not that bad although the waiting around is. The good news is that you can find out what you need to make your baby safe. I discovered I had gestational diabetes and have been able to keep my sugar numbers under control to make sure that my little one is okay. One thing that I learned is that milk first thing in the morning is the worst thing you can do to your sugar numbers. Eating a glass of milk and eating a banana before an official breakfast was one thing I always did. I thought I was doing the right thing by drinking milk but apparently you should only do this after breakfast if you are worried about sugar numbers. I even did this the day of the first test (I was not told to fast) and that probably affected my numbers. Oh, well. 
I am a Type 1 diabetic and this is my first pregnancy. Before I was diagnosed, I has the WORST phobea of needles ever. But it's almost like something in your mind just clicks and you realize that you HAVE to check your blood and give yourself insulin, so there's no use in worrying or being afraid of it. Also, the little lancets that you would use to prick your fingers are SO tiny now-a-days, you don't even feel it! Cheer up buttercup! It's really not so bad!
I was actually able to eat prior to by Glucouse test.  I guess every doctor is different.  I don't know if it was because I had no indicators that I would be suffering from diabetes or what?  But they give you this orange drink (or if you're lucky your office may carry different flavors) that tasted like overly sweetened off brand orange soda that you have to drink then wait an hour for them to draw your blood.  Make sure you don't eat or drink if they are requiring you not to do so because you can end up taking a 3 hour test instead of 1.

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