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Did you go on a babymoon? Where to?

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Our honeymoon wasn't exactly what you'd call a fairytale getaway. So I'm daydreaming about going away before the baby arrives - just the two of us. Right now I'm just looking for ideas of places to go that won't cost a whole lot of money.

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Nope!  We didn't, with our first there wasn't time.  I was on bedrest by about 30 weeks and was restricted with what I could do.  By the time #2 came around we were so busy with #1 that there wasn't time, energy or money.  It's a great idea, but I wonder how many people have actually been able to do it.
I didn't. I had never even heard of it until this pregnancy and this is number 4. So I'm sure between worrying about moving to somewhere bigger, getting the things the baby needs and trying not to go crazy with the other 3 I won't get to go anywhere. I think it's a fantastic idea. Like you I didn't have anywhere near the honeymoon I wanted so the idea caught my attention. Let me know if you go and where and how wonderful it was! :)
Same here... honeymoon was planed in no time! we planed our wedding in 2 weeks we didnt have time to make it great! But where do you live? depends if you wanna go somewhere close or far away... If I could I would def go back to gatlinburg! I loved it! But we havent been in about a year or more. With buying a house and baby on the way, we really have no money or time to do this... But I have been dreaming about it lol
We are very excited to go on a Babymoon, and have some time just the 2 of us before our little one arrives. We live in Florida and got engaged at Disney World so we have been thinking about going back there. It will all depend on our financial situation at the time, there are great hotel deals in the Orlando area at hotels that have everything you could imagine - waterslides, lazy rivers, mini golf, arcades, etc. And you can do a payment plan for Disney if you're interested or find tickets on Craigslist. Where are you and your husband thinking of going?
Well I don't know about going any where fancy but my husband is planning a hotel stay at a big hotel downtown from where we live for our anniversary.  I am 17 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby and he hardly ever lets anyone babysit our little girl but he says that he wants a little romantic getaway for the two of us.  We live in a great city and he's talking about dinner for two, a spa treatment, a carriage ride, and river boat ride.  We are so young and don't have much money but I am proud of knowing that he would at least like to spoil me even if we don't really get to do all that he has planned.  I'm just happy to be having our second baby together and knowing that I have a wonderful husband that loves me so much.
My husband last weekend... took me to a hotel and out to dinner and a movie... even though its was only from friday at 4pm-saturday at 10am I was so happy couldnt have been better! There was no tv and phone turned off, just us... best time since our honey moon... try something like this if you dont have a lot of money, Great Night out with the husband was just what I needed =)  He is pretty amazing
Id like to add... that day I went shopping trying to find clothes ended up in the dressing room crying lol... It stresses me out. He made my day =)
we deff thought of the idea to go in FEb and baby is due in June...Being itsmy birthday month and valentines day but now were looking into moving and a new car and i dont know if i can convice my husband on any trip right now...we are going to the bahamas in jan for a wedding
We are going to Hawaii for a week. I'll be at week 14 then and the doctor says that's a great time to go. It's not going to be an inexpensive trip to be sure, but it's the first getaway we've had in a long time. And it's likely to be the last we get for a while. I think a "babymoon" is a great idea, especially for first time parents.
Its a nice idea, wish we could have but hubby unemployed and i am 33 wks and still swamped at work. Haven't been able to take even one extra day off, let alone a "babymoon."


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