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how should i be eating i wanna eat healthy so my baby gets enogh vitimans

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If  you get wic or even if you dont ur doctor can give u a list of things you should be eating. like, lots of fruits and veggies and things that have iron in them like lettuce or raisins. and make sure all your meat is cooked well, no pink. And my doc also told me not to eat deli meat unless its like a hot sandwich because of the slight chance of listeria.
ok thank you so much how far along are you
im 15 weeks. you?
im 18 weeks so do you know if your having a boy or girl
i will know the first week of october and i cant wait! what are you having?
Nita - when is your due date?  I thought you were a couple of weeks behind me and now we are both 18 weeks.  I might be confused, but I thought you were like 10-12 weeks, it seems like only 3 or 4 weeks ago you had the post about finally making it to 7 weeks.  Did your doc push your due date up?  Just curious.

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