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I have this really weird, discomforting feeling right below my rib cage.. Sometimes I have to adjust how I'm sitting or lying to make it go away. Is that odd?

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Are you in your second or third trimester?Should be normal if you are.  That baby is growing and stretching out from time to time, and those little feet are probably pressing on organs that are then forced up below your ribs.  The pressure could also be because your diaphragm and lugs are being forced upwards because of the baby growing.  It's all normal, and there's literally nothing you can do about it.  During the very last few weeks, I promise you the most comfortable position you could put yourself in is to stand up!  That feeling goes away immediately after the baby comes out- there IS light at the end of the tunnel!!!
Like stefanies said if you are in your second or third trimester that the baby is just pushing up on your lungs and rib cage.  It could also be that when you lay down or sit up that the baby has decided that just by your rib cage is the best place to lay. I would ask my doctor just to ease your mind about it.  I hope that this helped.

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