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Discomfort and fetal movement questions...

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Two things: 1) This past sat I went to the gym and walked for 20mins then I went to the pool and swam a bit (did not over do it). However, I've noticed that ever since that day, I have some discomfort in my pubic bone area when I get up from bed or when I toss from one side to another while I'm asleep. I don't know if it's because I'm 30 weeks and I'm just getting bigger so the weight is finally getting to me. Anyway, I have an appointment with my doctor next Friday but wanted to know if it was common among pregnant women? 2) Since I'm 30 weeks, I've been doing my fetal movements kicks. Yesterday my baby was moving a lot but today he seems to be calm and the movements aren't too strong. Is that common? Should I be worried and go to the emergency?

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I'll answer question 2 first because it seems like a bigger question.  As your pregnancy progresses, your baby looses all that room he had before.  The space he's in becomes very tight, so there's less room to wiggle and kick.  He will have days where he's calmer, maybe you've eaten differently or just are having a more relaxed day yourself.  He's also growing and resting up for his birth, that takes a lot out of them.  As long as you are feeling some movements that's good.  I would still mention it to your doctor anyway.  I had to do fetal kicks with my first and keep a log of them, but with my second he was such an easy pregnancy that I don't remember concentrating too hard on how strong or how many kicks he got in a day. Second you are probably finally feel the weight of the baby, especially since he's probably starting to drop lower and lower to get into birthing position.  You are in the final stages of pregnancy where your lower back should hurt more.  Try a heating pad and as long as your doctor has restricted you a warm bath to relieve some of that discomfort.  I'm 25 weeks along and have a lot of lower back discomfort (I'm on baby #3, so it came a lot faster for me this time).Good luck!  :)
I can answer question 1 for you! Swimming hurts! I can't remember what it is called, but the front of your pubic bone can "losen up" while you are pregnant to allow baby to come out easier. There are a few things that won't bother it, and a few that will be horrible. Despite swimming being a good excercise for pregnant women, I found it unbearable. Another to avoid is stairs and stair climbers. Elipticals and walking seemed ok. If the pain is bad, I strongly suggest that you get a good maternity support belt (not the cheap stretchy ones, a good one from a physio clinic or med supply spot). I know it seems silly to spend that much money late in your pregnancy, but they are soooo worth it! Plus you can wear it post partum, beacuse the pain doesn't go away instantly! If you have good coverage, physio would probably really help too. Just make sure you get a good physiotherapist who works with pregnant women! Good luck!
Thanks ladies. I'm glad to hear that what I am going through is normal. I was starting to get really worried. I'll still inform my doctor but appreciate the feedback.

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