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Do any of ya'll have problems with Huggies????

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We have Boxies of Huggies but i keep getting told that they leak.. So i wanted to know from people how use them..

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With our daughter, who was both of our first child, we bough every kind of diaper you can imagine.. the store brand ones seemed to leak for the most part and Huggies were worse then those! I think it may be different with every child since they would fit different idk.. I can only tell you that I wont buy anything but pampers and would recommend you buying a small package of the huggies to try before opening a box of them that way if they leak for you as well then you wont be out that money.. good luck =)
I have two boys and use pampers.  We tried huggies with both of our kiddos and they leaked like crazy.  My cousin has 2 girls and swears by them.  I always go by pampers for boys and huggies for girls.  The fit is what makes them different.  Luvs worked with our oldest son, but our 2nd son leaked through them like they were a kleenex.  Every body type is different, but I can tell you we are having boy #3 and will be using pampers.
So far, my son hasn't had problems with the Huggies Naturals we bought him.  But he's only 5 days old. lol  We're using the newborn ones with the cord care cutout thing.
My mom wont use anything but pampers, and thats all im gonna use as well, i can't afford to waste any money on crap diapers. So i would just use the pampers.
huggies leaked with my first 2 kids and all my god kids they suck big time dont waste your money buy pampers swaddlers they work for all shapes and sizes even my 10 1/2 lb and my 7 1oz babies n never leaked only once when my son pooped so bad it was up his back n everywhere lol.
I agree with using Pampers. From day 1 we used them on our daughter and sometimes I'd something that costs less, but I would regret it because nothing worked like Pampers did!
I LUV MY LUVS they never leak they last all night with only pepee of course. huggies give my son a diaper rash bad. and pampers come in 2nd and costco 3rd.
I swear by LUVS and the walmart brand diapers. I've always had a problem with Huggies both with boys and girls. Both are cheaper than most diapers and worked well for my kids. I would try small packs of the brands you are leaning towards so if you have problems with them you don't have a ton you can't use. Good luck sweetie :)
My darling son keeps on getting diaper rash everytime i try to make him use Huggies. I like their pants and it's so convenient for me but my son's skin just can't handle the material. With pampers though, he doesn't leak and has no problem with diaper rash. Although I am using Mamy Poko which is super absorbent and can kick the ass of pampers and huggies anytime. It's quite expensive but well worth it since my baby doesn't have any leakage nor rashes using this diaper. :-)
I never had any problems with Huggies I have a three year old and I've always bought her Huggies or store brand but only at HEB our local grocery store. We did buy Luvs but they would fade into my daughter's skin and I don't remember the result when buying her Pampers. The only problem that I have heard about Huggies is not to buy the blue jean diapers because those do give rashes and fade into babies skin. 


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