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Do I have a choice?

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I'm at 40 weeks in my pregnancy and yesterday I was placed on bed rest because my midwives think I might have pre-eclampsia or toxemia which we're working on getting test results from. I'm in a constant state of ache in my uterus right now, lost my mucous plug completely, 3cm dilated and about 70% effaced. I was told if I don't go into labor within a day or two since last night I'll need to be induced if my tests are positive. Is there any other way to get induced other than Pitocin? I'm afraid of taking drugs in general and hate the side effects and problems that can occur by using Pitocin. Any suggestions on what I can do?

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I've always heard castor oil works well, certain kinds of tea, and, of course, sex!  In your situation it would probably be best to ask your midwife about this though. I'm not sure these things would be safe in someone that could have pre-eclampsia. I've also read about a pill called cervadil (or something like that) that they put up next to the cervix to soften it and help it dilate--the thing about that is that it also has potential side effects like any other drug and some midwives don't like to use it. Hope this helps, good luck and congratulations Mommy! Don't get too bored in bed!!
There's ll kinds of goofy things you can read online about inducing labor... and no matter what site you go to, there's women who'll swear by it, and women who say it did nothing.  If you're ordered to bed rest, I wouldn't try sex, but that's me.  Castor oil is rumored to work, but I've read endless testimonials about women having the runs before, during, and after labor.  You can always ask them for other options other than pitocin.  It was used on  me with the induction of my first, and I really don't think there were any side effects.  I also had an epidural, which wore off shortly after I had her.  My daughter was born at 5:22 that evening and slept like a rock that whole night, but turned out to be a perfectly normal, healthy baby who seems to be developmentally on track.

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