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Do I REALLY have to give up sushi? C’mon, how about just for my birthday dinner?

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better safe than sorry, right?
but if it's just one time? my mom ate lots of stuff when she was pregnant with me that are absolute "NO" now haha. she thinks i'm crazy when i tell her everything i can't do
I've been eating sushi through my whole pregnancy. I've never in my life gotten food poisoning from sushi, because I actually talk to the chefs and get to know where my food is coming from. I understand the worry about getting that type of food poisoning that is particular to raw meats, but I think its an overreaction if you know what you're doing. As an Japanese woman said to me recently, after telling her about how I'm not technically supposed to eat sushi, she said Americans are too scared. Fish is good for the baby.Relax and don't read too many pregnancy books.
I agree, I don't have it as often (say once every 3 months since I've been pregnant rather than every other week!) and I'll only have a couple pieces rather than 2 rolls  but that's more because I'll feel guilty not that I actually think it will pose any risk. At reputable sushi restaurants, sushi grade fish is very fresh and clean so you have more to worry about with fast food (in terms of how it's handled)  than sushi I think. 
There are all different kinds of sushi. They say that you can't eat sushi that has raw fish in it, but the wasabi is used to "de germ" the fish and get rid of any of the bacteria that the raw fish has if any. i still have eaten it throughout my pregnancy and I know several women that have as well. If you are still iffy about it, opt for a roll that doesn't contain raw fish.. such as a avacado roll and a california roll.

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