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Do the ultrasound scan affect on the fetus?

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I'm carrying twins and through out the book and some recommendation ask me to do the ultrasound scan every month. I heard some roomer said that the ultrasound scan affect the developing of the fetus especially the brain of the fetus.

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Ultrasounds don't have any effect on the baby. It doesn't use radiation or anything, only sound waves. I had complications with my second and they had to do ultrasounds once a week, it didn't affect him at all.
Actually, there haven't been studies that prove ultrasounds are entirely safe.  X-rays were considered a 'breakthrough' way back in the day, and people weren't careful because they assumed they were safe without properly studying them, and then folks started getting cancer because of it.  To my knowledge, there have been no conclusive studies on ultrasounds to prove their safety, so really, the fewer, the better. Given all of that, they also aren't causing obvious, huge issues.  A skilled caregiver should be able to tell positions, size, etc simply by doing a manual exam (feeling your belly), so ultrasounds that frequent shouldn't be necessary unless your twins are sharing the same amniotic sac (because there's more chance of them becoming tangled in each others' umbilical cords, etc).  It's really up to you, though.  Do some research, see what you can find out, and make an educated decision.
Ultrasounds do not effect the baby. The tool used for ultrasounds sends soundwaves nto your body. When the soundwaves hit something solid they bounce back and that is essentially how we get the pictures from ultrasounds.

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