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do you have to take prenatal vitamins??

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ugh, as for me they make me sick and puke alot, && havent been takin them....

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your supposed to take them its better for the baby if you do but if that kind makes you feel sick then try a differant brand
It's best for your baby if you take them.  Some people will tell you that they've taken a flintstones chewable and it's worked for them, but they did it after talking to their doctor.  Like pinky said try a different brand and this is my suggestion take them at a different time of day.  I used to take mine in the morning and then was sick all day.  Now I take them at night and it has worked well for me.  Try it for a week, remember you may also be throwing up due to morning (or as I had all day) sickness.  It's normal to be sick for a few weeks, some have it longer than others.  Your body is going through a lot of changes and it may not be your prenatal at all, but try a different time of the day.  Also try eating a few crackers before you take it, it may help to settle your stomach.  If none of that works, talk to your doctor and see what they recommend.
well nobody can force then down your throat but u "should" take them for your baby
try to take them because its best for u and baby,,try diff kinds or even flinestones chewable are safe too..and try switching the timer of day u take them, i take mine right before i go to bed because sometimes they make me feel sick
I agree with everyone's response. It is best for you and the baby to take the vitamins. I take mine at night also right after I eat because I do not get sick. If I take them in the morning or on an empty stomach, then I always get sick. You have to find a pill that does not make you sick. I prefer One-A-Day Vitamins. Although they are more expensive, I am able to take them without feeling queasy.
I couldn't take them either. Like lissiemel I had all day sickness and I couldn't take them at anytime of the day. I quit for a while and felt really bad and started taking them again. I have had a pregnancy where I didn't take them hardly at all and she was my sickest baby. Don't know if the two are related or just a coincidence. I know that now I can take them at night that does help and also I have to be full. Just a few crackers doesn't help I have to have just eaten. Just try out a few things and if its still awful talk to your dr. Good luck and hope you feel better! :)

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