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Do you know anyone who breastfed with breast implants?

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I got breast implants when I was younger. I heard that it is possible to breastfeed, and that it will probably be okay for my baby, but I'm not sure. Do you know anyone who has breastfed their baby with breast implants? I want to do what's safe for my baby, but I also think it's important to breastfeed.

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I don't personally know anyone with implants that breastfed but I've read and heard enough about breastfeeding to know that it has to do for the most part whether or not the implant is in front of or behind the muscle, I would look into the some more. As far as safety goes I've never heard any negativity about nursing with implants, like they always say....breast is best.
I do know someone who breastfed her daughter for the whole first year.  She said the implants were under her muscle instead of inside her breast and so it didnt affect how her milk flowed. Her daughter very rarely got sick (the benefits of b-milk) until she turned one and started on whole milk.  I say go for it.
Also, if your nipple was repositioned, chances are you can't breastfeed.  If the doc just made a slit and put the implant in without messing with anything else, you probably can. Also, while there haven't been any studies that show infants are harmed by the silicon in implants (either silicon-filled or saline-filled have silicon lining), silicon can leach into your body, so I personally wouldn't breastfeed with implants because no one knows if there's a danger.  I also wouldn't get implants until after pregnancy, though, for fear of affecting the fetus, so you'll probably need to make a choice based on your own beliefs.  Breast milk is definitely best for the little ones, that's for sure.
yeah you can breastfeed with inplants

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