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Do you think i should wait?

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Even though i took a test on sept 1nd the 2. do i wait and see if i get it this month or i just take it again or just go to the dr? My back,head,belly,boobies hurts even in the night its bad theres times i dnt go to sleep into like 3:am in the night i also get alot of heartburn. but still can u pls help idk wht to do iam 22 and knw mom say i cant be pregnant cuz of ma weight. so can u pls help me again. Thank u.....

answers (3)

You can be pregnant.  You aren't that heavy depending on your height.  If you took a test on the 1st and 2nd and it came back negative, but you were supposed to start and you haven't then yes take another test.  Take it either early in the morning or when you haven't urinated for more than 3 hours.  Your symptoms may be a product of thinking you are pregnant, eating something not normal or just worry.  OR you could be pregnant.  Take the test, see what it says, if it's still negative set up an appointment they can run a blood test to see.  Some women don't test positive on the at home test, but do on the blood test.  Good luck!
At home tests are not always accurate.  If you are concerned you may be pregnant make an appointment with your physician.  Good luck!
I took 2 tests after i missed my period. The at home pregnancy test did not say positive till i was 6 weeks along. I say take another one

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