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My husband and I have been searching and searching for a doctor and we cant find anyone that is accepting new patients, takes or insurance and if it does, it is in a very undesirable area. We did not think that finding a doctor would be so difficult! What should we do? Look for a midwife or search in areas that might be farther away? very frustrating...

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Have you tried looking online through your insurance to see the list of doctors that are currently taking new patients?I struggled a bit to, but in my case, I wanted to deliver at a specific hospital so I had to search for doctors who were part of that hospital. Was a bit complicated and frustrating but I found one.I saw don't settle just for anyone. Keep looking and you'll find someone. Good luck!
Midwives are an excellent alternative to the normal ob. I have a midwife and have used them in this is my third pregnancy. I prefer it alot to an ob. I would definitely research that and see what you come up with. Just hang in there it can be tough but I'm sure you can find what you are looking for. Good luck sweetie! :)

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