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does anyone have advise for me??

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i am 11 wks and almost every smell give me this sickness to my stomach, this is my second pregnancy and i didnt fell this with my first one, is anyone else going tru this? and what hepls it? i have to be in my room window open and doors closed every time anyone in the house cooks or heats up food that is strong in smell..

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That is normal in pregnancy.  Not all women get it and with every pregnancy you wouldn't have it either.   My sister went through that only hers was with coffee. If she even smelled coffee she would get sick. I wouldn't worry about it.  If you need reassurance then talk to your ob doctor about it.
Totally normal and unharmful to you and your baby.  Every pregnancy can be different. Nothing can really help what you're feeling; I've been there too.  Sometimes you can develop an adversion to your favorite foods during pregnancy, and there's no telling how long it will last.  I love salmon, but with my last pregnancy, I couldn't staand to be around it while it was being cooked, and I sure as hell couldn't eat it!
I completely understand what your going thru and it is normal, the slightest smell sends me running to the bathroom. I did notice that if i eat alot of smaller meals and chew on peppermint gum, i wasn't so's worth a try. Hope it all works out for you.

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