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does dieting decrease fertility?

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Right now, I weigh a ton (well, 250 pounds), and I would like to lose as much weight as possible before trying to concieve next summer. Will the fact that my body has reshaped itself be bad for fertility or pregnancy?

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Right now at the weight you are could be the reason that you haven't conceived yet. Not trying to be mean or anything.  Overweight women have difficulty conceiving and their periods may not be regular.  Dieting and exercise can increase your chances of conceiving. Eating a healthy, balanced diet has many advantages. It helps maintain an ideal body weight, keeps the hormone levels of the body normal and improves the health of the reproductive system.  Exercise helps to burn off excess body fat and also helps in normalising your hormone levels.  I hope this helped.  By the way I am overweight myself and I don't want you to think that I was being mean or anything.
If you diet the worng way [think pills, starvation, detoxes, cleanses], it could have a negative impact.  But if you're healthy about it, it will only help you.  Just remember to keep everything balanced and healthy- fried, fatty, sugary foods will only hold you back from acheiving your goals.  Remember too, dieting alone will only give you 'x' results... you need to incorporate a fitness routine; start with walking first, at least 30 min 3-5 times a week.
It could only help you. Getting down to a healthy weight before pregnancy is always a good thing. If you were to get pregnant now you are more at risk of developing Gestational Diabetes, which would put your baby at risk for complications. Also being over weight increases your chances of being infertile and having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. Hope this Helps. I do recomend walking. I have asthma so I can't run but I walk a lot and I think it helps to maintain where I am with my weight.

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