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Does the epidural really cause bad back pain after you give birth? thank you

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It rare cases it does.  I have had 3 so far and plan on having another with this baby and I have never experienced back pain after getting it.  Or any other complications for that matter.
I would talk to the anethesiologist at the hospital, to discuss complications from having an epidural.  Educate yourself on the different pain management techniques, because, as with ANY medical procedure, complications can occur!
I did not have any complications or pain when I had mine. I have heard of rare cases but plan on having one with this pregnancy also.
I had one so far and planning to have another one with one and I have to tell you, epidural was the best and no back pain. I had more back pain through out this pregnancy than I ever experience in my life. I have feeling all the time, than one day if I will try to reach or get something I won't be able to stand up. That's how bad is it.
My first birth I had an epidural my anesthisiologist was an idiot (and I can't spell his profession, but I don't claim to be one, so blah) and he put it so completely in the wrong spot, made fun of me the whole process, and then finally got it in the right place, that was over three years ago, and i still have horrible daily back pain. what ever you do do not have an epidural, my second child I did naturally, and I promise, the pain is only temporary, not the rest of your life like you will get from an epidural.
Hey everyone. I had 5 kids and I use epidural for all of them. I have back pain when I drink cheap liquors (I know that sound weird). But the pain last for 15-20 mins. Can someone please help me out. Tell me when I should go or what

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