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does everyone know what the sex are their baby is?

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whats the sex of ur baby? my boyfriend wants to wait till the birth to find out the sex and i wanted to wait with him so it would be special but i cant wait that long i wanna know asap. ill know the first week of october. did everyone find out the sex of there baby or did anyone wait?

answers (10)

I had to find out.. We were so excited when we found out we were having a little boy. =) Bentley will be here in December!
im having a little girl im gonna name her bella im due in feb. 14 2011
I couldnt wait we found out with our daughter and found out as soon as we could this time too.. we are having a little boy this time.. Dominic will be arriving in December as well!! =D
My husband and I had HAD to find out. We are having a lil boy and he will be arriving in early Jan!I don't know how some couples can wait, I need to know...LOL
We are not going to find out!!! My husband and I decided before we got pregnant that we would not know the sex of the baby until birth.  I am only eight weeks pregnant and it took us over two years to get this far so all we care about is a healthy baby.  I also think with the first child knowing the sex  takes all the fun out of it.  I want the surprise and the guessing for the next seven months.  It is all a personal preferance and trust me I am going to have a hard time with not knowing but it will be worth it in the end!  Good luck in whatever you decide!!!
After 20yrs of trying to conceive with no luck we finally found out we were pregnant quite the suprise...  Recently found out we are expecting a GIRL so little Miracle Love will make her entrance into the world in Dec. I wanted to know the sex of my baby in order to know how to shopI wish Great Blessings on all my fellow expectant Moms.
I can understand waiting...I can't do it, but I get it.  I'm too much of a planner to be able to wait.  Now that we are expecting #3 I really want to know.  Our first 2 were boys so if we are having a girl we have to start all over again, but if it's a boy we are set for just about everything.  I also like to talk to my belly and call the baby by name, it makes me feel more connected.  And my kids like to pick names and want to be involved, so we definitely are finding out. 
i had to know i cant do that whole yellow and green thing plus then it limits ur nesting and ability to buy princess or sports items and specify a name and that is just too much...i even took a gender predictior that u can buy at walgreens at 13 weeks to get an idea...something about not being able to reallly put a name to a child and gender neutral stuff just isnt enough if he doesnt want to know fine but find out because it will drive you crazy when u want to buy the going home outfit or special baby clothes or even when u put together the baby room...i mean really if you have a girl gender neutral sucks people still see green and yellow and think boy
lol thats how i feel about it, like really how much yellow and green stuff can u buy..ugly
I wanted to wait with this pregnancy but my husband freaked out and said we had to find out so we know what to buy. Lol (this is his first but my fourth) I even told him he could find out and not tell me but tell everyone else so they knew what to buy. He didn't agree, so I gave in and should find out in a little over a month. If they plan my appointments like they have been we'll find out on my son's birthday! I'm excited even though I'm pretty sure I allready know.

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