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does giving birth hurt

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does contractions hurt more or giving birth?

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It all depends.  Every person and every pregnancy is different.  If you get an epidural then neither should hurt, but some people say they still feel pain.  I felt no pain with my first once I got my epidural (I held out until almost 6cm before I gave in).  I was completely aware of his birth, I didn't feel weird and it didn't hurt.  It was actually pretty great!My second, not so great.  It hurt very bad - contractions mostly.  The actual birth part felt more like trying to poop when you are very constipated.  There was a lot of pressure just all over in the bottom area.  I recommend the drugs.  I didn't have them with #2 - there wasn't time.  I laid down at 2:14am and he was born at 2:57am.  It was going so fast that the paperwork wasn't even done by the time he came.  It really was a bad experience, happy to have my son, but I was shaking so bad from the whole thing that I could barely hold him.  It wasn't like I was pushing the whole time, it was just progressing very fast and the contractions were very rough(after your first they can).  I only pushed twice and he came out. I hate to tell story #2, but honestly, I thought I was going to be super woman and have my kids with no drugs.  I was going to be a tv mom, you know the ones who sweat a little, don't swear and just do that cute breathing through the whole thing.  I was so wrong!  I don't do well with the breathing thing.  It's better for me to just concentrate and hold my breath to push - it just works for me.  Do what works for you.  Go in there with your plan, but be open that it might change.  I never wanted to have the drugs, I wanted to do it naturally, now after feeling the contractions naturally my third will be induced just a little early and with an epidural!  Because I don't want a midnight run with no time to have a pleasant birth again.Good luck!  Talk to your doctors and your partner, be comfortable and don't stress about what might happen or might hurt.  You might just be a "tv mom" if you find the thing that works for you.  :)
It depends on your pain tolerence. My first one i did it without pain medication and just pushed as hard as i could. Everyone was telling me how bad it was gonna hurt and it didnt. I thought my toothache was worse. Im expecting my second so lets see how it goes. Just remember to breathe!!!!1
well everyones differant but i didnt get the epidural it hurt bad but i got in the water it helped a little then did some squats that helped to but when i was pushing she got stuck and it was very painful and scary but i pushed hard and she came out so i would reccomend the no epidural
Everyone is different but pain is pain. If you don't like pain then I would definitely recommend the epidural. My first pregnancy I was only 16 with a complete dog of a boyfriend. He and his mom both told me I couldn't do it natural. So, naturally I had something to prove and did it natural. It was an awful experience. I hated every minute of it. Now it could have been because I was so young but my next 2 deliveries I opted for the epidural. It was wonderful! I slept through the contractions and right up to delivering. I was very relaxed and enjoyed not feeling the pain. So like I said it all depends on how you feel about pain. Good luck.
It depends on your pain tolerance. My first I had natural partly because there was no time for any pain medicine and partly because that was what I wanted. For me what hurt the worst was when they put the iv in. The contractions felt like bad period cramps to me and my son was small so it didn't hurt at all when he was born(only 4 lbs 12 oz).

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