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Does "Phebe Ramona" sound good together? Or was my original choice "Phebe Isabella" a better idea?

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Originally I wanted to have her middle name be Isabella but her father says it makes it seem like I was naming her after him because his name is Issac so we decided Ramona would do. Which one sounds better?

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I think Phebe Isabella sounds better. I'm just not a big fan of Ramona.What ever you decide, good luck!
phoebe isabella sounds great! what about phoebe marie or phoebe lynn?? those are both cute ! Ava marie is pretty as well . we are naming our daughter ava joelle!
I think Phebe Isabella sounds better by its self but i guess it also depends on the last name because Phebe Ramona Stark sounds better than with Isabella  or Phebe Isabella Snow sounds good so last name is important to caculate into it.. Good luck!
My mom always said to say all three names like you were getting onto the child or trying to get their attention...Pheobe Ramona last name.  If it flows to you, then it's a good name.  :)
i like Phebe Isabella... Thats really Cute!
i like phebe isabella
they are both pretty
phebe isabella

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