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dogs and a newborn?

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What can I do with my dog when I have my baby? My husband is set on getting rid of him before the baby arrives, but my dog Dusty has become a part of the family. My husband adopted Dusty from a kill shelter last year the day we found out I miscarried my last pregnancy. It was my way of coping and getting over the pain. Dusty is now a year old and I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. My husband is afraid that Dusty will harm the baby accidentally and cause health problems due to his hair. He doesn't want to get rid of him either, but he wants to avoid any problems that may come along. Dusty isn't aggressive he just does not like strangers especially if I am around. I love this dog more than any other dog I've owned and it breaks my heart just thinking about it, but I know that I have to do what's best for the baby. I know training is an option, but it's not an easy thing to train a dog. The shelter is out of the question. If we were to get rid of him he'd have to go to a great family that will love him. What can I do? HAve any of you encountered this same issue?

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ok first off not all animals are bad around babies. We were living with friends of ours when we had our daughter last year and they had more then one dog, mini snauzers, but dogs just the same and they were perfectly fine around her. You just have to teach the dog not to jump on or around the baby. Their dogs were absolutly fine and my daughter now loves going to her godparents house becuase she can see and play with them. She is only 15 months old and cant sayalot but can call the one dog by name. The same with the hair. Some babies have issues with animal hair. But at the same time some dont. I cant sit here and tell you that I think that you have to get rid of Dusty. Especially after the way that you have bonded with him and he was there for you after your previous miscarriage. If it was me I would plan on keeping him and seeing how it goes. If the baby has allergies to the hair then it will be very apparent and then you could approach the hard decision to get rid of him. The same with how he is with the baby. Although it has been my experience that most animals have been fine around my daughter or as in the case of my parents dog, he isnt fond of her because of the crying and everything so he simply keeps his distance.. I hope this helps some. I know you wont have an easy decision to make... good luck
We acutally just discussed this issue with our vet who had some great advice for us that he used with his own dogs. He suggested my husband bring a blanket home from the hospital and let our dog smell it out, then bring the baby into the room and give the dog tons of praise and attention. He said most people make the mistake of sending the dog outside or shutting it in a room, so the dog associates the baby with being in trouble. By showing the dog attention, you're showing them the baby is a good thing. I personally think, just like us, we all have to get used to the baby and it may take time. Dogs are smart and can be very protective over children. I say give the dog a chance and if you notice any aggression or negative behaviors after a period of time, consider giving him to a loving home.
We have a very protective dog and did the blankey thing with our first.  My hubby brought one home for her to smell and she did great.  She smelled our little guy and then moved to sit next to me on the couch.  Our second she was like oh no another one of those squirmy things that make noise lol!  She didn't even seem fazed by them.  She's very protective of them and often slept in their room by their beds.  No issues with allergies either!  I think unless you have an agressive breed, people sometimes worry or what "might" happen and it usually doesn't.  PS - we have a mutt from the pound.  :)
Wow, you are such great people. Two of you should be proud of yourselfs.  First you adopt a puppy to make you feel better and once you do feel better you are ready to throw him out.  People like you should NEVER have pets.  Anyone who thinks dogs/cats are disposable items, please do everyone a favor and DO NOT EVER get one. I have 2 dogs and pregnant, they are my kids and I would never think to get rid of them.

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