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dOnt knOw WhAt tO dO>??

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i am having my first child, not planned but excited for the baby. my boyfriend wants to be here in any way he can and help me and be here by my side through everything! One big problem, his family loves me and i love them they are all excited, but my family on the other hand, don't like him and don't want me to be with him. i'm very confused and i think they want me to choose between him and my family, to me its not possible to choose but i don't know what to do. every time we bring it up or talk about it it always turns into an arguement, i'm tired of argueing and want it to stop and for every one to get along....HELP! what should i do?

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Tell everyone to respect your wishes! This should be a happy time in your life and if your man and his family want to be a round that's awesome. You will need all the love and support you can get during this time in your life. Remind them that stress isn't good for you and your baby right now and that they should be excited that a man wants to take responsibilities! If he is truly trying to make it work and truly going to be there for you then let your family know that for now you'd like to make sure your baby has a male role model! I say do what makes you happy. Happy pregnancy=happy baby.
Let your family make the decision. Let them come to you when they are ready to accept your new family. They will soon realize what they are mssing by being selfish and judgemental. If you love him and if he is good for you and your baby, don't sacrifice that for someone else's happiness. It took 5 years for my mom to like my husband. I always knew he was a great guy. At first I did everything to try to prove it to her and it was never good enough. So I stopped trying. She came around. Slowly but surely, she saw what a great husband and father he is and now appreciates my decision. Enjoy every moment, you don't get them back. Don't let someone take that away from you.

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