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the dr said my placenta is lying low and im 32 weeks, is this something to worry about

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I am having that same problem right now.  I am 26 weeks.  My doctor is hoping that as my belly gets bigger that it will move up.  My doctor told me that I may possibly have something called Placenta Previa. Which means that the placenta is over the cervix and if it doesn't move I will have to have a c section and possibly could go into preterm labor.  If I was you I would be calling and asking my doctor more questions about this.  When was the last time they did an ultrasound on you?  Also if it is low lying have they decided a course of action if it doesn't move before you deliver.  Because honestly you need to know this stuff because you are so close to being due.  I hate to worry you, but it is something to worry about because if the cervix is still covered it can cause problems for the baby and yourself and even if you are able to deliver vaginally you could bleed more than you should.  Again I am not trying to scare you, but please call your doctor and ask them more questions about it.
If he/she said you need to worry about it, then you should be extra careful, but if they casually mentioned it and moved onto something else, you're probably okay.  They told me mine was low with my first, but didn't tell me to quit working or go on bedrest.  Some women end up with a lower placenta than others.  You still have plenty of time before your due date- it could shift in a month, or it could stay.  Just be careful- now's the perfect time to start uing your pregnancy as an excuse for a little extra help!
i would just take it easy for a while. get some rest and try to stay off your feet as much as possiable. my cousin delt with that from week 20 on and they put her on straight bed rest and she ended up having to have a c-section before her due date
But not all the time do doctors go into details about anything.  You need to ask questions. So I still say that you should ask your doctor for more information on it.  I wouldn't just leave it as it is.  It is always a good idea to ask questions of your doctor when you are in doubt.
I got a website for you to look at about this.  Again I say you should ask your doctor more questions about this.  Especially about what the out look is. a side note.  For those of you who have gone through this and/or know someone who has then you should be giving her advice.  If you know nothing about this then you shouldn't give people advice on stuff you don't know about. This can cause bad complications and she should be asking her doctor more about it and not just assuming everything is alright.  Also the placenta is not the sac the baby is in, but it is part of it.  She needs to know if it is blocking her cervix or not.  If it is it can cause a lot of problems.   Again like I said I have this but I am still early enough that mine might move.  Hers won't and she needs to know what her doctor intends to do.
I'm 31 weeks, and about 25 weeks was diagnosed with marginal previa, since then my placenta has moved a little bit and now the Doctor says I have a low lying placenta.  Their recomendation was not to do anything estrenous, no vaginal ultrasound and no sex at all.  Hope this helps.

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