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Drinking enough?

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i know that while you're pregnant you need to drink a lot of water, juice and milk. I'm not really a big drinker of any of those, I drink more soda and sugar filled beverages. Anyone have any ideas on how to get more of the healthy fluids in my diet?

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You really need to cut out the soda and even with the juice you only need about 2 glasses of REAL juice a day, not juice blends. Fresh fruit and veg will add water to your diet and you can squeeze some lemon or maybe an iced fruit tea with a spoon of honey if you NEED the flavour. The sugar in soda and other beverages are NOT GOOD for you - it ups your chance of gestational diabetes and nutritionally offers you nothing. If not for yourself, do it for your baby.  
you can have a mixed variety of fluid intake during the day but ultimatley you need to stop drinking all the sweet stuff and try to drink more healthy. You don't have to drink milk as long as your getting your required intake somewhere else as well as juice. As for water it is really important that some of your fluid intake is just water.
Drinking water can get really boring, have you tried adding a couple sices of orange to your water? Put a pitcher full of water in the fridge with the orange slices then the water takes on some of the flavor and you don't have to slice oranges every time you pour a glass.

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