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Driving while pregnant

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I am 33 weeks pregnant and I was wondering if there was a time I needed to stop driving or if I could drive the whole time.

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This question was asked in my prenatal class. the teacher told us  that you can drive as long as you can fit behind the wheel. as long as youre safe and what not. although,if you dont feel comfotable driving at any time,then don't stress yourself out.
It is generally a bad idea to drive yourself to the hospital when you are in labour, anything before that is normally fine! Unless you have a medical issue that would cause problems (high blood pressure...). Remember to still wear your seatbelt, just make sure it is low on your hips.
Thanks guys. I didnt think it mattered but I was just wondering. I dont understand why the seatbelt is supposed to be low. Thats where the babies head is. Wouldn't it hurt him? Sorry I have first time mommy worries!
The seatbelt goes across your hips and pubic bone, which protect his head.  It's a safer place to have it than across your belly, which could do a lot of damage if, god forbid, you were in a car accident.

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