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early labor

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On Friday night I was having contractions 5 min apart. Went to the hospital, turns out my contractions were more like 1-3 min apart. But, I was only dialated to about a 2. My doctor said I would probably go with the next day or few. So I decieded to come home to wait it out, he told me to come back when my contractions were unable to stand through. Since then i have been having contractions almost around 1 apart. I have been unable to sleep, and now i have developed a cold so with every cough it makes my contractions stronger. I am still able to stand but i am feeling discouraged when do I go in? or call the doctor?

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I would call your dr at any time when you're not sure. Call and explain to him and explain what is happening and see what he wants you to do. Not being able to stand through contractions doesn't mean a damn thing honestly. When I was in labor with my son the only way I could get through them was standing up and breathing and I was 10 cm dilated. If they are getting to uncomfortable call or go in whichever you feel you need to do.

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