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ectopic and giving birth..

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i had an ectopic pregnancy last Dec. 2006. They had to surgically remove one of my fallopian tubes, and now i still have the scar in my belly.. and yes it has healed already for a long time. I am currently 9weeks pregnant and everything seems normal based on my consultations and ultrasound. I am just wondering if there's a possibility that i would give birth normally or does it mean I would automatically undergo C section since i already had this cut in my belly. I would definitely ask this thing to my OB but i just can't wait til next appointment, and it would be better to hear some from other mommies out there who share the same experience...

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thanks for the replies.. it's just that when people accidentally see my scar/cut below my bellybutton they thought that I already went thru C-section but it's actually a surgery from ectopic pregnancy. I thought that having one of my removed means its the same cut as C-section. kinda confusing lol :) anyways still thanks for the answers. Gotta enjoy the holidays first before my next appointment.. 
Since your uterus was not cut into, you would have the same chances of a c-section as anyone else.But I am not a doc. So definitly ask your OB to be sure.Good luck :)
Well I haven't had the same experience but I wanted to just give you some encouragement anyways :) I wouldn't think you would have to have a c section but its always a possibility with every delivery. Normally if you've all ready had a c section they want you to do another one but I've never heard of having a c section because of a previous surgery. I would definitely ask your dr when you go back just to be safe but it looks pretty hopeful to me! Good luck! :)

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