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enemas during pregnancy safe?

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I recently was diagnosised with Subcorhionic Hemorrhage and put on bed rest. I was bleeding for two days but haven't been bleeding now for three days. I have been feeling really good except my bowels have completely stopped moving. I am someone who normally goes 5-10 times a day. I am definitely not use to being constipated. Especially not this severe. Last night it had been three days since I had a Bowel movement and I needed to go. They told me not to bear down or do any heavy lifting. I was sweating and everything felt stuck for like twenty minutes. I finally got some out but not much. I had my husband get me a saline enema and some glycerin suppositories from the local pharmacy. I didn't think much of it at the time. It definitely helped a lot and I didn't have to strain. But my mother and my sister have been upset with me for using the enemas. I had already been trying collace and drinking lots of water but that wasn't working. With me just lying here nothing is moving. Is it safe, did I do something I wasn't suppose to do, will it effect the baby negatively? I am still not bleeding so I think I am ok, just wanted to know what other pregnant people thought.

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You should ask your doc immediately.  I don't really think there'd be an issue, but you never know - recently I found out that there's a ton of BPA on sales receipts from retail stores.  Super weird stuff...
I have heard of hospitals offering enemas to patients who are about to go into labor. And I know that my OB told me that if I had a fear of having a bowel movement during labor that giving myself an enema should be just fine.

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