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False Positive Not pregnant...But can I still get pregnant nursing?

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My husband and I were not trying to get pregnant nor were we really taking any actions to avoid getting pregnant. However last week I got a "Positive" pregnany test which ended up being negative. I was told it was an evaporation line on my EPT test. Anyways, We are going to actually starting trying to get pregnant. However My cycles are irregular. First it's 28 days then it's 32. BEFORE my daughter I was every 28 days on the dot..Now I have no idea. Were just hoping for a healthy pregnancy again but I wonder if it's just wisheful thinking, thinking I can get pregnant again so fast. My daughter took ONE try then Wala! Ego is Prego! Any suggestions? besides having sex every day.

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You definitely can get pregnant while nursing.  I've never done it but I know plenty of people who have.  I have a friend now whose baby is 10 months and she's 3 months pregnant with twins, so it can be done.  1.  don't stress about it - stress reeks havic on the body and can aid in preventing pregnancy.  2.  watch when your last period was, there's an ovulation calculator if you google one, plug in the date of your last period and it will give you the primo dates to have sex. We were trying since last October to get preggo and it just wasn't happening.  I googled ovulation calculator, found my dates and we got pregnant on the first try by having sex on the exact dates it told us to.  Good luck!
I heard that couples who have sex every day take longer to get pregnant than those who space it out a little. It seemed strange to me but maybe it will help you. Good luck.
My doctor told me when I was nursing that it was unlikely to get pregnant when nursing but that it can happen.  Anytime you are not having unprotected sex you can get pregnant.  However I have heard that it is very easy to get pregnant again right after you've had a baby whether or not your nursing.
I heard that too about having too much sex, because you deplete the stores of swimmers in there.  The ovulation calculator we used gave us a range of 4 days, so we alternated days and made sure to do it on our "best day" that it offered.  It worked!
yes, I believe completely that you can get pregnant while you are nursing if you arent using other birthcontrol. I breastfed my daughter exclusively and when she was 10 months found out that we were expecting baby #2. I was still nursing her the entire time and continued to do so for another 4 months.. my cycle was irregular as well when it did return. It would flucuate from anywhere from 28 to 35 days so since it had been regular before we had thought that we may be pregnant before actually conceiving baby 2 as well. We were having sex about every 3 days and it happened fairly quickly. My periods returned in november and we conceived in march.. but dont stress about it that does make it harder.. we tried for awhile to conceive our daughter and it didnt happen until we quit trying and stopped stressing about it. And there was definitly no stressing over this one we werent exactly trying but werent exactly trying not to if that makes sense.. good luck =)

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