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Is false sex test possible!? If at 18weeks dey tell me its a girl?

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Went 2 dr at 18 weeks. This is my 1st child, is there n e way dat dey cud b rng bout it bein a girl by it stl bein a lil 2 early?!?!!!?? Really wantd a boy... But dnt get me rng im very happy 4 my baby girl! Shes healthy!!! Yaay!

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It's possible, but usually if the boy parts are there you can see them.  Did the doctor tell you that there was a possibilty that it was not a girl?  Healthy is the best thing!  They do make those tests you can get at a drug store that tell you gender as well.  They are supposed to be 98% accurate.  I've never taken one, but it might be fun to compare to your sonogram. 
My mom has a friend that was told she was having a girl all the way up until she had the baby. Then it was a boy. It's possible for them to be wrong but, it's more common for them to be right then wrong. I hope this helps! :)
most of the time they are correct but the best bet is to ask at your next ultrasound which usually happens around 25 weeks

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