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feeling the baby move sooner after 1st pregnancy...

3 answers
ok the dr said that it was normal for me to feel the baby move sooner this time since it was our second baby and that my boyfriend still wouldnt be able to feel him move until 22 or 23 weeks.. I did feel him move at about 14-15 weeks but I am just now 23 weeks today and he kicks so hard that if I am laying down you can see my stomach move from across the room.. they have moved my due date up a few days before due to him being bigger then the gestational age they thought but isnt it still too soon to be seeing and feeling him move that much??? I mean he would only be about a lb and 12 inches by what they are saying for how far along I am.. any ideas or thoughts..???

answers (3)

no its normal. You now know what to expect so you understand those movements better. i started to feel my lil man at 12 weeks where my first was way later then that. 
I think it's normal too.  My doctor said to expect to feel and eventually see movement earlier.  This is my 3rd and I started feeling it move about 3 weeks ago...I'm 16 weeks now.
Completely normal! This is my first and I felt movement at about 16-17 weeks and saw movement from the outside about 21 or so weeks. Just because baby is small doesn't mean he doesn't pack a punch already. At your stage it's still just muscle practice and twitches which is why it feels so jerky.

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