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Feeling Dizzy... is this normal?

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I am 36 weeks along and I've been feeing dizzy lately. It is usually worse in the mornings. I am trying to drink a lot of water to keep hydrated along with eating regular meals, etc. but nothing seems to help. I've also been feeling really tired and been sleeping a lot. I have a doctor appointment this week so I will ask her about it.. but in the mean time... is this normal?

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You're coming down the home stretch, so you'll probably feel miserable no matter what in the next few weeks!!!  High- five on the drinking, that would be my first suggestion!  Do you eat as soon as you get up?  That was always my biggest problem- I hate breakfast, but with both pregnancies, I learned to pop something, even a granola bar, into my mouth as soon as I got up.  Your blood sugar naturally crashes while you're sleeping, which is why you need to eat as soon as you get up- it's like being a diabetic, only in the morning.  Make sure to nibble on little things thoughout the day, it should help.  Your body is working pretty hard to house that baby right now, just treat yourself well!
Being dizzy anytime during pregnancy is normal.  You are more so now that you are almost there.  Your uterus is pressing on your lungs which makes you short of breath.  Plus your heart rate is going up and your blood pressure is probably down from its normal (unless you are having issues with blood pressure).  So now your system is trying to regulate itself and sometimes it can cause dizziness.  But yes talk to your ob doctor about this.

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