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Feeling sick after 2 weeks since the sex! Can I be pregnant?

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every time you have sex you take the chance of getting pregnant...2 weeks is really early to be having can call ur doctor and get a test since a home test wont generally pick up the hormones until you are about 6 weeks along
hum... well I was feeling sick about 2 weeks.. but didnt consider being pregnant.. But I took a home test about the 3 week mark and showed up pos. Just take the home test right when you wake up.
i know what you mean, i have SEVERAL symptoms and its only been two weeks last thursday for me as well. i'm just hoping its not that my body has been tricked into believing it's pregnant because i want a baby so badly. i lost two, and my best friend is pregnant just found out on the 11th. but i have fatigue, dizzyness and lightheadedness, increased appetite, heartburn, nausea, etc. i just really dont know what to think.  

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