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Feeling Sick only a few hours after I have eatin?

2 answers
I have been feeling sick only after maybe one or two hours after I have eatin. My meals have become smaller, and I haven't felt like snacking much. I am wondering whether I need to snack more or have better meals? It feels like I haven't eatin all day when I really have just eatin. I'm not use to eating so much. Could not eating a lot have to do with me feeling nauseated? Does anyone have any good ideas for simple snacking?

answers (2)

maybe napping or excersize may help i always felt sick throughout the day throughout all my preg. there's not much u can do! try asking ur dr or midwife?!
My advise is to eat more often by small portions, it is normal and it will change soon. You need to feel what you stomack wants and try to eat healthy food for your baby.I would recommend you fantastic book which I and my friends like a lot. It is very useful from the first day of your pregnancy.

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