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feet swelling awful already.. bad thing???

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I am just a couple days shy of 21 weeks and I am having an awful time with my feet swelling and retaining water.. I had swelling in my frist pregnancy but definitly not this soon.. so bad that I cant even wear my flip flops because they start swelling so bad that the straps that go between my toes cuts in.. I am concerned that if its something to worry about or not.. I am already having much more problems with this pregnancy then my previous one.. lost almost 30 lbs due to morning sickness and have not gained any weight this far although according to the dr and the last ultrasound our little guy is growing ahead of schedule even.. any thoughts please...

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I know that water retention during pregnancy is very common.  They say to cut down on salt & drink a lot of water.  Since it's the middle of the summer & dehydration happens very easily & quick.  I'm 18wks and I haveb't gained any weight either.  If the Dr. isn't concerned then i wouldn't worry about it.  Make sure you do watch your blood presure, if it goes up you can swell up.  Try putting your feet up as often as you can(easier said than done).  Also try getting a larger pair of shoes that are not so uncomfortable.  That's all i can think of for now.  Good Luck & feel better!
Thanks I appreciate your input.. I have gotten used to the idea of no weight gain.. I would actually think that that part woudl be a positive thing since I then would have that much less to lose once the little guy gets here.. I do already have the baby belly starting though lol.. I have really tried watching the amount of sodium that I am consuming.. and how do I watch my blood pressure.. that probably sounds like a really stupid question haha. And I am trying to put my feet up as much as possible which seems impossible. I have a 13 month old that just learned how to walk last week and it seems as if she forgot the just walking part and has definitly taken to running now lol..thanks for the advice.. I was just worried that it was something I should be asking the dr about since I have classes starting up again in a week and will be walking around campus more I was afraid it woudl just get worse.. I hope that you have a great rest of your pregnancy and thanks again!!
i have this same problem and have since 20 weeks i am on my first pregnancy and have went to my obgyn about my concerns but even though my blood pressure is okay and the baby is fine i was told to keep my feet elevated alot and that sometimes soaking my feet in epsom salt might help.

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