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Fetal Movement????

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When you first feel the baby move what does it feel like? I have times when I feel like I have butterflies, could this be the baby? IDK how far along I am because my period is irregular, but I could be in my second trimester.

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I've had some butterflies, sometimes it feels like light brushstrokes, and I even had a thump once when I was laying on my side, almost my stomach, at around 18 weeks. For the last two weeks though, its been mostly sharp, poking like pains that I don't know if the babies are kicking me or not.TBH, if your cycles are that wonky, your doctor probably should have performed an ultrasound on you just to get a good idea of how the baby is growing and therefore getting you a projected due date. Second trimester starts between 13 and 14 weeks (depending on who you talk to), so if you are skinny and/or this isn't your first child, you are most likely feeling gas if you're earlier than that. If you are of average to large size, like myself, or if its your first child, it may be up to 24 weeks to really feel regular movements.
I am just wondering, because I have started feeling butterflies off and on throughout the day. I have just found out that I was preggo, so I have not seen the doctor yet. :( I go in today to get the pregnancy confirmed. I have not had any signs or symptoms of pregnancy since late Jan- early Feb, but when I tested back then all was neg, so I have no clue. My last period was Jan. 27th, but it was WAY lighter than normal especially since I missed December (sorry TMI). Usually when I skip a month or two or three my cramps are a lot more painful and i have a heavier flow for 4 days and spotting for one or two days, however in Jan my flow only lasted 4 days and it was so light that I only needed to wear a pad a day (though I used more, most stayed clean) so I thought that that could have been implantation bleeding, but I am just now coming up with positive tests. So I am confused, I will just have to wait for that doctors appointment to see if they will do a sonogram.
Best bet is to go into the doctor and first confirm your pregnancy. Especially if your periods have always been irregular the safest bet is to not go off last day of menstration but solid confirmation. Once a solid yes has been confirmed your doctor will then schedule you for a sonogram to determine gestational period. That's when you'll have a better idea of how far along you really are. (Be sure to mention to your doctor your irregularities)As far as baby movements are concerned usually you don't feel anything till after 18 weeks. I felt those precious first moments at around 22 weeks. And if felt more like my stomach was sliding around seperately under my skin. Good luck to ya.

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