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First pregnancy...Need advice about birthing decissions...Doctor isn't much help...Please help, I'm due June 22!!

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This is my first child and the pregnacy has been really rough. They have thought that I was developing Preeclampsia now for 2 months and they put me on bed rest. The only thing that I haven't had was high blood pressure. I am now just under 38 weeks pregnant and Im due June 22. I have horrible cramping and contractions daily, with extreme pressure in my lower areas. Should I have a C-Setion or a regular delivery? And if I have a regular delivery, would it be a bad idea to get induced? Also I weighed 122lbs before I got pregnant and now I weigh in at 172lbs. How will this effect the birth?? I've been miserable for months now and I have tried everything. Nothing seems to help. I don't know what the best choices are and when I try to talk to my doctor about things she just answers it briefly and moves on, with the attitude of "your just another patient."

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First of all, it is very important to know exactly what you want.  You need to tell your Doctor your worries and make her listen to you.  Make sure she understands that you need answers.  Secondly, do some research.  Natural birth is called natural birth for a reason.  It is NATURAL.  Your body was made to give birth.  If you can have this baby naturally, you should.  I am 26 wks with my 2nd pregnancy and weigh more than I did with my first.  I weigh 172 lbs. I have every intention of doing this natural.  Unless my childs life is in danger, I will avoid a c-section.  The state that I live in has laws about having a c-section with every birth after you have one.  Make sure that isn't the case w/ you.  You wouldn't want to have a c-section and learn that you can't give birth naturally now and regret your decision.  Thirdly, you need to know about pain medication. You need to know at what times durring the pregnancy you can take them.  If you are too far along it might be too late for some.  Make sure you know. There is plenty of information online.  I had an epidural w/ my first.  It seemed scary, but was a life saver.  I did just fine.  It is different for every woman.  Find out what you think you would like.  Know everything you can about it.  There are even videos that show how they are put in.  Lastly, write out a detailed birth plan.  Who will be in the room with you?  What pain medication, if any, do you want?  (Make sure you make notes of your medication and have a back up in case for some reason you can't have it.)  Tell your husband or whomever will be with you exactly what you want.  Make sure your nurses and Dr's know also.  As long as you know what you want, everything will be fine.  Knowledge is the best.  I'm sure that you will do fine.  Your body was made for this :)!  Good luck!
I have to agree with BriAnderson all the way. I am on my 2nd child and unless he is found to be to big to come natural, I am not letting any doctor cut me open. If your not happy with your doctor find another one now. You dont have a lot of time left and the last thing you want is to be worring over your choice for a doctor. I hated my first doc and it made the first delivery misserable. Good luck and try to stay positive its the best pain medicine there is.
im also on my first pregnancy but i have looked into different ways with a birth that doesnt involve a hospital u always have that risk of something happening and still needing to go there its a very tough decision that my ma helped me with as we are both big fans of natural healing and stuff like that however they do have modern medicine for a reason n i like being able to kno they are ready when worst comes to worst.... but like the others said the decision is up to u 
Do not get a C-section unless it is an emergency!  I am on my 4th pregnancy and will delivery naturally.  my first two children were delivered naturally one with meds, the other without.  Then last time i was pregnant with twins and had the first naturally with meds and then had to have an emergency c-section for the other twin, i have no idea why people plan to do this procedure, they are crazy.  The actual c-section surgery is not bad, however the recovery is extremely painful, you are recovering from a large surgical cut through your abdomen.  I am fortunate to be able to deliver naturally again this time with what the doctor world calls a "VBAC" (vaginal delivery after c-section).  So my suggestion is. . . all the pain and discomfort you are feeling is normal and is almost over so hang in there it's all part of being pregnant.  Goodluck!
Aloha,The Earth mama angel baby website has a "create a birthing plan" section you can use for free.  
i have a 8 month old little girl and i had her natural birth i didnt get the epidural it hurt but it was worth it and thats what im planning to do with baby number 2 you could also do a water birth

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