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Flu Vaccine concerns?

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I know the flu vaccine is recommended during pregnancy, and I have no problem with that. I have heard that mercury is dangerous during pregnancy and does pass through the placenta, but I also heard the risk of that is lower than the risk of getting the flu which can be fatal for both mommy and baby so I have decided to get the vaccine. My concern is that I have had a cold for the past two weeks and can not get rid of it. I know you cannot get the vaccine while sick and its almost november so I am wondering if I should go ahead and get it or wait.. we are already in flu season and I'm already sick:( Will this cold effect my vaccine?

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Check with your doctor.  I agree with you, I wouldn't want to get it when you are already fighting off something.  It takes enough of a toll on our bodies to grow this little person, let alone fight off a cold and the flu.  I just got my shot today, but I'm not fighting off a cold.  Try to wait a week or so and get healthier before getting the flu shot.  My doctor's office highly recommended getting it as did my insurance company and you know if those insurance companies want you to get it you should get it.  lol! 
A vaccine is just like a watered down version of the virus. Your immune system will fight it off, and it will remember the virus so that if you ever get it again, it will fight it off before it effects you... I have decided not to get it because my mom works with someone who is NOT pregnant, but she got the vaccine, and it paralyzed her for a few months... that's not my idea of fun. Plus, there is no guarantee that it is completely safe for the baby.

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