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I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and due Dec.10. My first two were early born 12-14 days early. My due date is in 7days and I lost my mucus plug a week ago I have been having pains but still no baby!!!!! I understand that just bc the other two were early this one might not be but I am so uncomfortable and talking to my midwife about it is a joke! Guess I don't really have a question I am just starting to feel like this isn't going to end!

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& there's never been a case of a woman being pregnant forever!  lol!  sorry - just trying to make you smile.  :)
Sorry sweetie!  You are almost there!  Hang in there!!!  You'll hold that baby before long.  :)
I am VERY glad to know that no one has ever been pregnant forever...bc I am really starting to feel like this is never going to end.  So many times I have got excited that I might be going into labor and then my contractions stop!  For 3 days I had contractions every 8 min and in the end here I am...still pregnant!
I know it sucks but hang in there and keep your spirits up. It will all be over soon. If nothing else they'll have to induce you before you get too overdue so the placenta doesn't stop working. I hope you go into labor (for real) soon and can hold your beautiful baby! Good luck sweetie! :)

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