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Getting excited!!!

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I know we are supposed to ask questions here but I just wanted to let everyone know I'm gonna have a baby by next Thursday!! I went to the dr Wednesday and was dilated to a 4. She scrapped the membranes but it hasn't done anything. She told me if I don't go into labor by my next appointment they are going to induce me Thursday! I will be 39 weeks but she says he is ready. I'm so excited. I can't believe this time next week I am going to be a mom! Very very scary!!! Thanks for just letting me talk! Hope everyone has a good and safe holiday!!

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Congrats! I know you and your new baby will be very happy together. Happy holidays!
WHAT my dr wont let me be induced until he is a week late! I was really upset with this! 2 of my friends got to be induced when they wanted! I dont understand why some people can and other cant... maybe its the dr, idk but it makes me so mad!  But CONGRATS to you! =)
Congrats to you!Good luck =)
That's great to hear!  Congrats!I had my doctor appointment last Wednesday and he said that if I hadn't already had my son, then the next appointment (which would have been Tuesday) we'd book induction.Well, my water broke at 3:45am on Thursday morning! lol Hoping you go into labour soon!  Sending labour dust your way!! <3<3
Let me clear that up:My water broke last Thursday.* lolI don't know what day it is anymore! lol  I just spoke to my husband and he told me "Happy Friday!" lmao
Congrats!!! I had to be induced with my son because I had a problem with my placenta. I had a check up in the morning and found out something might be wrong and that afternoon my midwife called and told me to come in that she wanted to induce me that atleast you have been given a longer notice than me! lol.  Congratulations i hope everything goes well for you!!
Thanks everyone. And Shooker0619 the reason they will go ahead and induce me is because I started dilated and having contractions at 35 weeks. She said that my body and he was ready. I have been doing alot of walking trying to get things started. I don't know what else to do to start labor without overdoing it or hurting him.
Congrats! I am so excited for you :) I hope all goes well and you don't have to be induced. I was induced with my last 2 and it's a lot of monitoring and laying in bed. Good luck sweetie :)


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