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i want my baby to have godparents but steven( my fiance) doesnt..he says hes not cathelic and he doesnt believe in that...i dont want ppl in my family to take care of my baby if anything happens...they are a story of their own but none of them have a stable home or reliable income and i dont want my baby growing up the way i did....n stevens family arent the best either...dont get me wrong i love all of em but i just wouldnt want my baby to be raised by any of it so wrong to go ahead and put my best friend as the godmother anyways or what? my bestfriend and stevens already say they are the uncle and aunt and i know they love the baby to death but i dont want steven to think im going behind his back or anything....

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Do you have a will? That is the only thing I know of that a court will follow. (I am not a lawyer) If you don't, now is a good time to write one. Especially if you don't feel comfortable with your parents raising your child if you can't.The other thing you could do is check with Family Court in your county. They may have other suggestions.Good luck!
well im not catholic either but i still want to know that if something happend to me and my husband somebody would take care of my daughter nicole so her godparents are my sister rose and her husband derek my sister cant have kids of her own and she wants them very badly and i know that they would be wonderful parents if you want your child to have godparents then tell him that if something happend to you and him your baby would need somebody to take care of him/her
well im only 16 so a willl hasnt crossed my mind tilll i found out i was pregnant and now everything in my life is seen from a different point of view....but i think i am going to go ahead and write one cuz with the way things are these days you never whatll happen tomorrow....
you cant technically have godparents unless u get the baby baptized but u can name ppl un ur will if u have one, that u want to be responsible for ur baby is anything happens to u guys
yeah i just picked out people i want to take care of my kids
well kid i only got one but shes my pefect little girl
the thing you have to consider is that best friends change throughout life and although people say " yea I wanna be the godparent" when it comes down to it the financial burden may be to much , but if its family of course they will do everything theycan and they def arent going anywhere

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