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had my mirena taken out may 3rd..

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Ok I had my mirena taken out on may 3rd and didn't find out til that day that you're not suppose to have sex for atleast a wk b4 having it taken out. Well me and my hubby did the deed the night b4 but pulled out...can you still get pregnant if you pull out? I've been so sick the past couple days and been peeing like crazy! We have a 14 month old son and we wouldn't be dissapointed if I was but I'm just so confused bc I'm not sure if its even possible that I am. .oh ya and I haven't had a period since I got pregnant the first time and after having it taken out I spotted for one day and that was I don't know what to think!!

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I have never heard no sex before removal of you IUD.  I had mine for two years and worked in a ob/gyn office and was never told anything close to that.  I do know you should use some form of birth control after removal until after your next period or 30 days, whichever comes first.  You can always take a test if you are still not sure if you are pregnant.  As far as getting pregnant if you pull out; yes you can. 
absolutely you can get pregnant by using the pull out method there is seman in precum and most men leak precum when they get erect so you cant be to sure
I had my mirena removed and also had the dy or two of spotting you mentioned. It wasn't until months later  that I started atually menstrating again. The hormones can last within your body for seeral months. I don't remember eatlly but for me it was at least about 3 months. You may want to buy an early pregnancy test or check with your doctor. GL.
I had mirena for almost  2 years,  but I stil constantly had my period every month while on it.  When I got it removed, my doctor did ask if I stopped having a period, which my answer was no.  When he removed it, he did not give me any instructions to wait, but that could be because I told him I still had a normal period during the time I was on it.  Well, anyway, I had a period about 3 weeks before removal, then a normal period a week after removal.  My husband and I did not use any protection, and did NOT pull out, and the VERY NEXT month my period did not show.  I tested 2 days later and discovered a Positive HPT.   I would be around 6 weeks now, no doctor appointment to confirm anything, but so far I seem to be doing fine.   Its possible that you are pregnant, but its also possible that if you stopped having a period while having the mirena, your body may take time to go back to normal...

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