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Hair Advice

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My hair is generally a medium brown. But i dyed my hair before i got pregnant so now the roots are looking pretty ridiculous. When I dyed my hair I dyed it like a reddish brown. I just feel very unattractive and don't know what to do with my hair. I plan to get it cut but i don't think that is going to help the situation. I guess the main thing is I want to look some what attractive to my husband. Any advice is appreciated :)

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I know the feeling!  I have blond highlights with major red-ish/dirty blond roots and I think it looks horrible!  At least yours aren't too drastic and the color will continue to fade.  You can't color it, the only thing you can do is ask the stylist for a way to minimize the look of the difference.  And know that there are plenty of us two-toned mommies to be out there with you.  :)
I never colored my hair while I was pregnant and they say you're not supposed to but I have know people who have done it the whole way through their pregnancy and it was fine for them. If you really want to color it again I would do some research and see how bad it really it ...just an idea.

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