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Has anyone else been told that their baby will slow down with it's movement but that turns out to be a LIE?!

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I keep reading that my baby will stop moving so much and was also told this by my doctor. When in fact, she moves even more as if she is fighting with another baby in there. I'm always uncomfortable and she seems like she never sleeps...any advice?

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She may be an active sleeper, like my daughter was. All the way up until I delivered two weeks late, she never seemed to be still. Once she was born, I learned why. She was fairly active when she was awake, and fought confinement - she didn;t like being swaddled like most newborns. And she had active dreams when she was dead asleep. The first time I saw her turn over was while she was asleep, actually. If you are in that point of pregnancy where the baby's growing fast but your uterus doesn't have much stretch left and Baby's getting cramped, it may be fighting the restriction of movement. And if it's an active sleeper, you're not likely to get much relief until D-Day. The only advice I can give you is to be patient and ask your OB about it.

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