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has anyone else gotten morning sickness again in the thrid trimester??

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this sucks!

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yeah i had morning sickness my whole pregnancy
I did too. Not as bad after the first trimester but anytime I eat and it wasn't what baby wanted it gets rejected! Lol its always worse with girls with me. Just think you're in the home stretch now. Not that much longer to go! Good luck and feel better! :)
Milk products made me sick in my 3rd with my first son.  I craved ice cream for a while and got sick after it every time!  So good going down, not so much coming back up.  I did have a friend that literally had morning sickness her entire pregnancy too.  Try crackers and bland foods, sounds gross, but might help!  :)
I have been sick my whole pregnancy. This is my first and I always thought it was at the beginning. I take medicine for it because it has got so bad. And because I have been sick I have not gained any weight. I still weigh the same from before I got pregnant.

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