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has anyone heard about rosemary milk

4 answers
its an all natural formula its supposed to be the best formula for your baby

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I've never heard of it. Where did you find out about it? 
my friend told me about it she said her sister used it for her baby
I've never heard of it, I just googled it and nothing came up with safety results for a newborn and rosemary milk.  I'm thinking the best formulas to give your newborn are the ones your pediatrician recommends.  I'm all for herbal stuff, but not in a newborn, not when they injest it and there isn't any research to show side effects.  I wouldn't do it.  1.  you will probably have a hard time finding it, because I couldn't find it on the internet and 2. it can't be cost effective, when you can get freebies from your pediatrician and coupons off the internet for the store bought stuff.  Both my kiddos were on enfamil and then one was on similac with soy and they are healthy stronger toddler and young man now.  I'd go with what's proven safe and beneficial for your baby. 
well similac has grinded beatles in it

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