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Has anyone used intelligender? If so was it correct for you?

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I couldn't wait till my 20 week sonogram, and so I rushed out and bought about 8 tests.... I figured the more I do, the greater the chance that the majority of results would be correct. So, I used it once a week from 13 weeks to 19 weeks.... And it predicted a boy, with each week the green color getting darker and the results becoming easier to read and faster.... Then at 20 week sonogram, turned out we're definitely having a girl!!!! :)So, personally I dont think the tests work.... I have heard tho'  that if u get a boy result, there is still a 50/50 chance it could be a boy or girl, but if u get a girl result, then its definitely a girl.... Don't know where I heard it, probably read it on other blogs when I was mad at myself for falling for a scam....Either way, good luck! And it is fun to do along with all the other gender prediction tests :)
I did it at 15 weeks it predicted boy. I will go in for my ultrasound on the 22nd of April so we will confirm if it is. I will keep u posted.I personally have a feeling its a boy, everyone else predictes a boy. So we shall see.... =) I am so excited.
I used the intelligender when I was only about 12 weeks or so and it told me I was having a girl, then on my 20 week ultrasound they confirmed it was definitely a girl! I have heard from many people that it is pretty accurate, but I wouldn't start buying gender specific stuff going on that alone!
 I took mine at 13 weeks and it stayed yellow which meant girl....nope Im having a little boy:)
Sorry to say that I tried all the tricks, chinese gender chart, intelligender and so forth and it said boy boy boy. My aunt (whose never been wrong at guessing a baby to be gender) said girl. Well, come to find out my aunt (with her freakily accurate and ancient predicting skills) was the only one right. So the best trick is to wait it out till Ultrasound day! (but be warned those can even be wrong. my cousin was told through her whole pregnancy she was having a girl and then on Dday her little girl ended up being a boy)

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